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Register to have an ad placement in the Southern Oregon Virtual Holiday Swag Bag. The entire region will have access to the bag for 90 days, leaving ample time for our community to download your special offer and patron your business.

There are opportunities to upgrade your ad to a more prominent placement as well as advertise during the launch party.

The Active Network makes it simple to create your ad, by providing templates and online support. You will also receive regular reports on how your ad is succeeding.

For more information about the online platform and ads, click HERE

Once you register, we will forward you a link to begin getting crafty with your offer/ad. Be creative, have fun and let’s get more customers in your doors.

THEN on December 9, 2023 join us for a marvelous mixer event to officially launch the bag. Allow our team to thank you for your support with live entertainment, guest speakers, vendors, food & beverage, experiences and giveaways. You will be our VIP!

Let’s get started…